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Returning Referee Clinics

2020 Returning Referees


There is no reason to delay your re-certification.  Will all the clarifications to the laws of the game, I strongly suggest that you take the course.  All of your work will be online. 

Step 1:  Register

Go to the Minnesota State Referee Committee webpage (, enter your user name and password (or find them by using your USSF registration ID number).  All clinics are hosted and managed by the SRC.  You will pay at this step.
COST:    $40 or $45 USSF registration fee
               $40 MnSRC administrative fee

The cost has gone up substantially.
  The EPSA is looking into ways to reimburse you for the added expense, especially if you only work for the recreational program.  We'll have more on the way we will handle that before the season begins so keep track of your expenses this year.

Step 2:  Take the Test

Yes, they now want you to take the test first.  You must pass the test with a score of 75 in order to move on to step 3.  Don’t put this off.  There are online videos for those of you who want a refresher in the laws.  If you don’t pass the test, you will be allowed to retake the test until you do.

If you are having problems getting past this step – call me

Step 3:  Watch the Videos

You must watch some referee videos and you will not be allowed to sign up for a clinic until you watch them.  Don’t put these off, either.  They will quiz you along the way, so you can’t just run the videos in background.

Register Early (Register Now!)

Questions?  Call Ken Bomben at 952-334-5129 or 952 942-6356

NOTE:  The Referee Hot Line has been disconnected

- use one of the numbers above to contact me


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