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Feb, 2018

Changes to the F Division format for 2018

Changes to the F Division format for 2018. 

The Eden Prairie Soccer Association (EPSA) is changing the F Division roster format from Co-Ed to a single-gender divisions for both Boys and Girls and will also include the 9th grade level which had been previously included in the G Division.

The following were considered for this change:

  Encourage more girls to continue playing and enjoying the sport of soccer.

  F Division will include 7th, 8th and 9th grade while G Division will include 10th, 11th and 12th grade.

  F Boys and F Girls Divisions will play at same time slots - Thursday nights at 6:30pm during the week and 5:00pm on Saturdays.

Open enrollment will begin Sunday, February 25th for the Spring Soccer season.

Field Status

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Flying Cloud (05:39 PM | 09/13/19)

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Franlo Fields (05:39 PM | 09/13/19)

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Miller Park (05:39 PM | 09/13/19)

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11 (10:05 AM | 03/31/18)

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Prairie View (05:39 PM | 09/13/19)