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Team Page Instructions

Team Page Instructions

Coaches may edit the settings of a Team Page, send “emails” through the “discussion” tab and upload photos / training videos to the Team Page.
The team manager will also be able to edit the team page and have the option to add items to the calendar.

To get to your Team Page – first log into your account where you registered your child and volunteered.  If you started a separate account from the main account where your child is registered and you don’t see a link to the team you are volunteering for in your separate account, you will need to contact the EPSA Registrar to have her connect the two accounts or to change your volunteer position over to your “separate” account and have the volunteer position removed from the main account where the child is registered. 

First, check the settings of a Team Page by going to the Team Page where you are assigned as a volunteer by clicking on the Volunteer bar on the left side of your “account” home page and click on the Visit Team Page for the team page you would like to edit. Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the picture. Here you will see the Team Settings.  We are open to Allowing Commenting and Enabling Sharing – the Yes radial buttons will appear – if these say “no” check them until they say “yes” so your team can share discussions and photos.  We prefer not to use the Social Settings and Team Sponsors at this time. By Allowing Commenting and Sharing – parents can use the “Discussion” tab to send emails to the team and upload photos.  Any discussions sent through the Discussion tab will be emailed to everyone on the team. Click on the camera icon to upload a picture of your team if you wish to do (please make sure you have everyone on your team included in the picture).

There are five tabs in the Team Page – Home, Roster, News, Gallery, and Discussions.

1.     Home:  This page shows the Newsfeed on items added to your page.

2.     Roster:  This page shows the players’ and volunteers’ first names.  In order to get the last names of the coaches and team managers to appear, click on the Roster tab and then the green bar - Edit Roster. Under the “Team Personnel” section, select the box for Last Name on the left side.  
Do not select the Last Name box under the “Team Roster” for Divisions A-E.  You may select the “Team Roster” Last Name box for Divisions F and G.

3.     News:  Keep your members up-to-date with news articles! News articles include a DateTitleShort Description of the article, Full Description of the article, and an Image*Note: News articles can't link with Google/Yahoo! RSS feeds. This may be useful for videos of skills the players can learn.

4.     Gallery:  Users can view pictures and videos uploaded into the system. Only volunteers associated with the team and administrators may upload these items directly. 

To upload content to the site, volunteers and administrators need to navigate to the gallery page and click the Manage Gallery button.  Once you have uploaded a photo use the “back” button to get to the main team page to see how the picture looks.

5.     Discussions:  To send an email to the team, go to the Discussion tab on your team page and click Start New Discussion (in the green bar). The topic can be typed out and you can even add a file such as a team calendar, drink schedule, or field map. SELECT THE BOXES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE "DISCUSSION"  to include Team Volunteers and Team Participants so everyone on the team gets the email. 
Once you click OK, the discussion will be posted and an email will be sent to everyone on the team notifying them that a discussion has been started.  If a coach or parent would like to get in contact with someone specific, they can do so from the Messages tab on their My Account page. To send a message, click on the Messages tab (on the left) on your My Account page. From there, click Compose New Message and use the dropdown box in the To: field.


Follow the links below for more help with team pages:

  • Team Discussions (emails) – To send emails to team members.

  • Team Calendar – To set up a team’s calendar and see sign ups for bringing refreshments to games. 

Once you have your team calendar and you have made the drink schedule, you can enter the information on the team calendar so all team members can see the  schedule – this is optional.

  • Rosters – To see team rosters and print rosters.  Do not send out rosters that have street addresses or last names of children under 13.

  • Add Team Photos and Videos – Add team photos throughout the season. Add training videos.

Parents will have to access their child’s team page through their My Account Screen team link.

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