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Board of Directors

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 Vice President  Mark Archer  Contact Vice President
 Treasurer  Ryan Larsen  Contact Ryan
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 Past President Todd Fechner 
 Director  Margaret Mies  
 Director  Sonja Nodland  
 Paul Knauf  


 Awards & Gifts  Karen Oglesby  Contact Awards 
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 Coaching Director  
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 Equipment  Toni Knorr
 Amber Stoner
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 Fields  Nicholas Anderson  Contact Fields
 Marketing/Publicity  Desiree Issa   Contact Publicity
 Pictures  Sonja Nodland  Contact Pictures
 Player Uniforms  Margaret Mies  Contact Player Uniforms
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 Registrar  Katie Bishoff
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 Social Media  Desiree Issa  Contact Social Media
 Webmaster  Margaret Mies  Contact Webmaster
 College Scholarships  Josie Fechner  Contact College Scholarship
  Sudhir Kumar
  Brad Nodland



 A Coed  Susan Joehl
 Meghan Johnson
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 B Boys  Heather Hagen  Contact B Boys
 B Girls Michael Strub Contact B Girls 
 C Boys  Patrick Steidl  Contact C Boys
 C Girls  Margaret Mies
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 D Boys  Desiree Issa  Contact D Boys
 D Girls Karen Oglesby  Contact D Girls
 E Boys  Paul Knauf  Contact E Boys
 E Girls  Sonja Nodland  Contact E Girls
 F Boys
 Stace Butcher
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 F Girls James Cooke Contact F Girls
 G Coed  James Cooke  Contact G Coed 


Board Meetings

2023 Board Meetings will typically be held the second Wednesday of each month at the Eden Prairie Community Center (Lounge Room unless noted below) in Eden Prairie at 7:00pm.  (If you'd like to attend please email [email protected].)


 January 12th Meeting 7:00pm
 February 15th
Meeting 7:00pm
 March 8th Meeting 7:00pm
 April 12th Meeting 7:00pm
 May 10th Meeting 7:00pm
 June 14th Meeting 7:00pm in Room 110
 July 12th Meeting 7:00pm in Room 110
 August 9th Meeting 7:00pm in Room 110
 September 13th Meeting 7:30pm
 October 11th Meeting 7:00pm
 November 8th Meeting 7:00pm
 December  NO MEETING

Field Status

Closed Closed

Flying Cloud (12:28 PM | 11/21/22)

Closed Closed

Franlo Fields (12:28 PM | 11/21/22)

Closed Closed

Miller Park (12:28 PM | 11/21/22)

Closed Closed

Prairie View (01:06 PM | 01/11/20)