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New Referee Clinics

If you would like to referee for the Eden Prairie Soccer Association, you should take a training clinic that is conducted by the Minnesota State Referee Committee (MNSRC).

2020 Referee Clinic Dates and Locations

Step 1:  Register

Go to the Minnesota State Referee Committee webpage ( and register as a new referee.
The first thing they will want during registration is money - be prepared to pay by credit card.

Cost:                       $45 USSF registration fee

                               $40 Minnesota SRC administrative fee

Step 2:  Watch the Videos

You must watch some videos before you can sign up for a clinic.  Be advised that the MnSRC will quiz during the videos.  I strongly suggest that you do this as early as possible so that you can get into a nearby clinic.  The videos will take 5 to 6 hours and can be done in convenient steps.  (You must complete the videos approximated three days before the clinic you plan to attend.)

Step 3:  Select a Certification Clinic

The EPSA and EPSC will sponsor a clinic in Eden Prairie.  Some are offered at the MYSA offices in Bloomington and other nearby cities sponsor additional clinics on other dates; you should be able to find a clinic that fits your calendar.

Note: This year (because of the timing of spring breaks), clinics are being offered early in the season.  Get started soon.

Step 4:  Attend a Classroom Training

You will want to confirm the locations, dates, and times just before you go.  This portion of the training will take about 8 hours.

Step 5:  Take the Online Test

After you complete the above steps, you will be allowed to return home and take the test.  (This will take about an hour.)  Once you have passed the test, you will be sent your Grade 8 Referee badge.

FAQ:  I only want to work for the EPSA, do I have to take this class?

FIFA makes minor changes to the Laws of Soccer every year, so I ask everyone who wants to be an EPSA referee to take the clinic.


FAQ:  If I’m in 6th grade, how can I take the Grade 8 class? The clinics are classified by referee grade and are not indicative of your grade in school.  Anyone of any age can be a Grade 8 Referee.

FAQ:  Do I have to start the videos now, in March?  I would recommend you do.  For some reason, the clinics are very early this year and time will run short.

Still have questions?  Call Ken Bomben at 952 334-5129or 952 942-6356

NOTE: The Referee Hot Line  has been disconnected
- use one of the numbers above to contact me


If your badge says ‘2020’ you do not need to re-certify at this time.  I will mail the Spring Availability forms to you sometime in early April.

If your badge says ‘2019 or 2018’
you should re-certify.  There have been some changes and clarifications to the Laws Of The Game of which you need to aware.

If your badge is from 2017 or before
, there were significant changes in made in 2017 (and modifications made in subsequent years) and you need to get up to date.  Please re-certify.  If your badge has not been updated recently, the MnSRC may require you to take the full 16 hour course again.


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