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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't register my child with his/her grade, what do I do?

Register your child in the division their birth date puts them in then email [email protected] with a request to change divisions to play with their grade. During Late Registration there is no guarantee of division change. You should check with registration first to see if the desired division has openings.

Q: How many games do the teams play?  
Typically, the season has 14-15 events depending on holidays.  The teams will practice in the beginning of the season and then play 10 refereed games.  The youngest division is the exception to this rule.  They only have 7 refereed games.   The schedule will have at least one practice mixed in with the games.  This allows teams to work on skills needed for the games and allows commissioners a date to reschedule a game if it is cancelled due to bad weather.

Q: How do you decide when to cancel games?  
Please refer to the Cancellation Policy.  Note that parents, coaches nor team managers can cancel games.  Our Game Cancellation Policy provides a clear chain of command prior to a game and while on the field to ensure the highest level of player, coach and spectator safety.

Q: What division is my child in? 

Players are assigned to divisions based on their ages. Grade is only an approximate guide.  Use the guide on the Divisions page.

Q: When does my child play?

Go to the Division Schedule page.

Q: How are teams formed?

There are no tryouts. Players are assigned to teams based upon their age and gender (some programs are coed) with an effort to balance the teams equitably. A group of up to three coaches may request that they work together, but we do not accept multiple player requests nor do we form “neighborhood” teams.

Q: How often do you play?

Teams meet twice per week, usually on a weekday evening and on Saturday.  The high school division plays on Sunday instead of Saturday.

Q: Can I request that my child play with a friend on the same team?

Request will be considered if and only if the following conditions are met:
1. Players may only make ONE request.

2. The request must be mutual, i.e.both players must request each other. 

3. Requests will not be accepted after the last day of regular registration.

NOTE: EPSA is under
no obligation to honor friend requests. Our primary concern is to put together balanced teams. Requests complicate that process.  We realize that this is a harsh policy, but we feel it is necessary because our program includes more than 1,000 players. Some programs have 50% request rates and “daisy chain” effects often result in more players than can be put on a team. 

For those of you who are concerned about carpooling, please remember that most programs play in the same place at the same time. You    
should still be able to carpool even if you are not on the same team.   

Q: What equipment does my child need?

EPSA will provide the shirt (jersey) and socks. Players need to have shinguards and a soccer ball. Please see the Division Details page for the correct size. Players also need to bring a water bottle to practices and games. Soccer cleats are recommended but not required.

Q: I’m volunteering as a coach. Can I request to work with another coach.

Coaches and co-coaches may request to coach with one other coach.  It is recommended both coaches request each other.  Not all coach requests can be fulfilled.  Enter the name of your coaching request in the coaches request field on your child's registration.

Q: I do not have a child in the program, but would like to volunteer Coach a team.  Can I request a specific age group and gender or request to coach a specific child?
We welcome volunteers to coach in our program even if they do not have a child playing in the program.  Often, a sibling, relative or friend who enjoys soccer and would like to give back to the sport requests to play on a specific child's team as well.  Volunteer coaches can also request to coach a specific age group or gender, although some of these requests cannot be met as we prefer to place volunteer coaches without a specific child's name requested in divisions who need coach help the most.  See all coaching requirements under the COACHES tab on the site.

Q: When will I be notified of team assignments and practice locations?

You will be contacted by your coach about one week prior to the beginning of the season.  If you have not heard by that time then email your Division Commissioner.

Q: Is proof of age required?

Yes.  Proof is required upon request.  Any falsification is grounds for dismissal.

Q: May parents question a referee's call? 

Referees have total game authority.  Many soccer calls are subjective.  Parent sideline behavior is expected to set an example for the children.  Your team's coach may ask for clarification but you cannot challenge the judgment or question the integrity of the officials. 

Q: How are teams picked? 

Division Commissioners run the divisions and try to create equally balanced teams based on age and gender. 

Q: Any exception to random team picking? 

No.  The coaches, assistant coaches' and team managers' children will be part of their parent's team unless the coach requests otherwise.  Commissioners are under no obligation to honor any other requests for placements on specific teams.  Our goal is to achieve balanced teams. 

Q: When will my child's team information be available? 

Typically one week prior to the beginning of the season, your child's coach will contact you regarding the first practice. At the first practice, the team manager will provide you with a field schedule, picture schedule, jersey, and other information. 

Q: What are the policies for dropping off my child?
Please see our Policies page for all policies related to Adult Supervision requirements, photo taking policy and codes of conduct for Adults, Parents and Coaches.

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