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Adult Supervision Policy

The Eden Prairie Soccer Association places a great emphasis on providing our players with an experience that balances fun, safety and learning. Given these priorities we’ve developed a policy which requires players under a certain age to have a parent (or designated adult) on the soccer fields at all times and allows our older players some freedom to play soccer without direct parental supervision but with parents knowing that at least two adults will be present at all times.

Adult Supervision For All Divisions

The Eden Prairie Soccer Association requires there be at least two responsible, non-related adults on the soccer fields at all times players are present. Note that in some divisions, some coaches may be as young as 15 years old. They are considered a “responsible” adult under Association guidelines and can serve as one of the two non-related adults on the soccer field when players are present.

Adult Supervision Requirements For Divisions A/B/C/D

Players in Divisions A, B, C and D are expected to have a parent (or designated adult) on the soccer fields at all times. Coaches and team managers are not expected to play this role as they have other duties during soccer.

Sometimes families have multiple children playing at the same time (either different teams in the same division or in two different divisions) and parents have to split their time between fields – this is allowed as long as parents remain at the soccer fields and ensure the coaches/team managers are aware of what other fields they will be visiting during the scheduled soccer time.

If coaches or team managers become aware that players are being left at soccer without adult supervision they should remind parents of the EPSA policy around Adult Supervision. On a second or subsequent occurrence of players being left at soccer without adult supervision team managers should notify the Division Commissioner and re-remind parents of the EPSA policy by sending an e-mail with the Adult Supervision policy copied to the parents and copying the EPSA Risk Management Director

and President.

Adult Supervision For Divisions E/F/G

Players in Division E, F and G are not required to have a parent (or designated adult) supervisor on the soccer fields at all times. However, these players should be advised by their parents of what they are to do in case of injury, sickness, or inclement weather and an on-field cancellation of soccer. If this includes a cell phone call and pick-up, then parents should ensure they can be back to the fields within 15 minutes of the call. Commissioners, team managers, and coaches are asked to remain attentive at end

of each soccer match to ensure all players have a ride or planned transportation home.

Commissioners and team managers need to work together to ensure this policy is followed and it may require commissioners/team managers asking parents to “supervise” on a rotating schedule or to be available to attend soccer when the commissioner, coaches &/or team managers are not going to be able to attend soccer or need to leave before all players have been picked up.

Injuries and Medical Attention

Parents should be aware that if their child is injured and a parent or guardian is not present, the EPSA commissioners, coaches or team managers will seek appropriate medical attention including calling 911.  All costs for this medical treatment and/or transport will be the responsibility of the child’s parent or legal guardian.

Coaches, Commissioners and members of the Board of Directors are authorized to contact emergency personnel at no personal civil liability to them under Minnesota’s Good Samaritan Law.

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