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Player Code of Conduct

  1. I will demonstrate fair play and good sportsmanship at every practice, game and tournament. I will also encourage fair play and good sportsmanship from other players, coaches, officials, and parents.
  2. I will attend every practice and game that I can, and I will notify my coach if I cannot make a practice or game.
  3. I will come to practices and games on time and ready to learn. I accept responsibility for bringing any equipment necessary for practices and games (ball, cleats, shin guards, uniform, water,).
  4. I will follow coaching direction and will not be disruptive during practice or games, nor will I “mouth off” or use bad language.
  5. I will treat other players, coaches, officials, and fans with respect regardless of race, sex, or ability, and I will expect to be treated accordingly.
  6. I will respect the authority of the referee, even though I may sometimes disagree with the call.
  7. I deserve to have fun during my soccer experience. I will alert parents or coaches if it stops being fun.
  8. I deserve to play in an environment free of drugs, including tobacco and alcohol, and will expect everyone to refrain from their use at all practices and games.
  9. I will encourage my parents to be involved with my team in some capacity because it is important to me.
  10. I will conduct myself with honor, dignity and treat other players as I would like to be treated. I will remember at all times that I am representing Eden Prairie Soccer Association, my team and my community.
  11. I understand that poor behavior during practices, games, or tournaments may result in lost playing time and expulsion from the team.

Field Status

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Flying Cloud (02:30 PM | 04/24/21)

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Franlo Fields (02:30 PM | 04/24/21)

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Miller Park (02:30 PM | 04/24/21)

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Prairie View (01:06 PM | 01/11/20)