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Coaches Code of Conduct

  1. Each coach will maintain absolute control over the behavior of those team players who are identified on his/her team roster.
  2. Each coach will make an energetic effort to request any and all spectators on the side line where he/she is located to refrain from harassing any other coaches, players, referees or linesmen.
  3. Coaches will not tolerate any bad language, abuse, or interference by one player onto another player either on their own team or onto another player either on their own team or onto a player on the opposing team.
  4. All coaches will develop and encourage good sportsmanlike behavior and habits in the players on their team.
  5. All coaches will watch for any unsportsmanlike behavior by one of their own players including deliberate kicking, fighting, spitting, physical or verbal abuse at any other player, official or spectator and immediately bench that player or players for the balance of the current game or practice.
  6. All coaches will accept and support, without question, any and all decisions of the officials at the existing game. Any and all complaints with respect to disagreements on calls made by the officials will be forwarded by the coach in writing to the Coaching Director or the Referee Director who will then respond to the complaint verbally and/or in written format.
  7. Although it is a coach’s aim and duty to find the most economical way of helping a player to become a better, no coach will use any form of coercion: verbal, physical or discriminatory, to achieve these results.
  8. Coaches will make every effort to see that all players on the roster play an equal amount of time in every game.
  9. Coaches will see that on the completion of each game, all players will shake hands with the opposing team, thank each player for a good game and then thank the officials and other coach for their participation in the game.
  10. Coaches must comply with the meaning and the spirit of the playing rules. Purposely ignoring or willfully violating rules is inexcusable. Those who break the rules degrade not only themselves, but the game, their team and their fellow coaches.
  11. The ethics and sportsmanship of the coaches must be exemplary and beyond reproach. Everyone participating must conduct himself so that he or she is a credit to the sport, to fellow coaches, the players and to athletic competition in general.
  12. Coaches will lead by example, demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all players, coaches and officials.
  13. Coaches recognize each player needs to be treated as an individual, remembering the large differences in ability, emotional and physical development among his or her players.

Based on materials and permission from the Eden Prairie Soccer Club, National Youth Sports Coaches Association and USYSA.

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