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Registration and Photo Use Policies


Please be aware pictures of your child may be taken during Eden Prairie Soccer Association (EPSA) related events and may be posted to the Eden Prairie Soccer Association web site ( for the purposes of promoting and illustrating EPSA activities.  By registering your child for EPSA activities, you give permission to the Eden Prairie Soccer Association to use such photos/your child's likeness without compensation or your further consent.


By registering your child for participation in Eden Prairie Soccer Association for the current season, you are agreeing to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Eden Prairie Soccer Association, its coaches, referees, volunteers and agents from any liability and the expense for defending against the same, which are caused by, arise out of, or are related to any claim for injury asserted by, on behalf of or against your child, except to the extent any such liability is covered by insurance of the Eden Prairie Soccer Association.


To cancel a registration, send an email to [email protected].  Refunds of up to $50.00 are only available if the player paid the full registration fee and if the request has been submitted at least 10 days before the scheduled start of the season.  Players who have received scholarship assistance are not eligible for any refund regardless of when they cancel their registration.


Division placement of a child is based on birth date, not by school grade.  If you would like to request your child play in a different division based on their grade, please email [email protected].  Requests are not guaranteed and in some cases, may require Board Approval.


If you are volunteering to be a Coach or Assistant Coach, you give the Eden Prairie Soccer Association permission to run a background check.

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